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“Through words, we can be anywhere or be anything. We can relive moments saturated with experience and purpose. Through words, we can truly move beyond our boundaries, while enjoying and sharing with others that “ride” called life.”
RJ Heller

RJ Heller

I am here now and I am not leaving.

It certainly has been a long road to get here, but I am here in Maine, specifically Starboard, Maine. Better yet, I live Downeast.

Having arrived here from Pennsylvania there has been plenty to learn and even more to observe. This place is different, but I mean that in a good way. Yes, I am a PFA (person from away) but rather than make change, I preserve all that I find. I have a teaching degree, was an entrepreneur for 30 years and a husband and father of two children with my wife Stephanie.

I have been to China numerous times, took a walk on the Great Wall and navigated the River Li. I have sailed, climbed and hiked in a number of places, and in 2010 I spent six days dog sledding the Yukon Territory. I published a collection of prose and poetry and I am currently working on a second collection while dabbling on a novel. Life has been full and somewhat adventurous, though finding Maine remains a high watermark in my life.

Today I write both for myself and for others. My writing has been described as reflective, sentimental, and full of imagery. This is good, because here Downeast there is plenty to stimulate the imagination. Every day provides a new opportunity to see what makes this place so special and why I now call it home. This is truly yesterday’s Maine, everyday.


Freelance for Hire

With my words and photography communicating your vision, we will garner the attention of clients, customers, subscribers and readers. Whether writing website content, articles or blog posts; well-researched informative pieces about a person, place or thing or as an award-winning book critic providing reviews of published books — all of the work will be professional and truly unique. Please email me your thoughts, and together, we’ll see where we can go. Thanks!

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