rj heller
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What People Are Saying...
BDN Blog
I have worked with Rick for many years on a wide variety of projects, including web sites, brochures, advertising, and email campaigns. His writing is creative, succinct, and professional. I highly recommend him for any writing assignment.
Tony Gasparich

“I have had the pleasure of working with RJ on a number of collaborative efforts.  His words were needed to complete the picture, in my instance, a real picture, a photograph.  He has a gift and turns my creativity into something really special, unique...something that you will remember years from now.  I can highly recommend him, not only because he is talented, but also because he is very efficient and a true professional.”

Marethe Grobler

"Rick Heller is someone who shares his passion for poetry and language through his writing. So many times he has used exactly the correct words to accompany my photos and art. I am always amazed at his ability to say something in a way that describes it perfectly. His abilities transform every piece of art into something unique and precious, something that will be remembered. The day we met was a good day, even though our worlds are far apart. My best wishes accompany him in whatever he may do and I will recommend him anytime."

Elizabeth Kendall,
Artist & Photographer

"RJ Heller has a perfect way with words. His writing is powerful and
inspiring, always insightful and deeply moving. When I first read one of his pieces I was awed by the beauty it spoke, and touched very deeply within my soul. The temptation to read and re-read is present in every piece, which gives me something new each time to think about... "

Chris Armytage, Fine Photography

"From the very first time I read his work, I realized that Rick Heller was someone who looked at life from a very interesting and deep angle. His words bring wisdom, insight, joy, tears, smiles and you won't leave without feeling that you have been given a gift. It is always wonderful to meet new people and Rick has enriched my life from the start."
Maureen Grobler, Photographer

Have you ever found yourself breathless in wonder, after reading written thoughts from someone else's hand?
Have you ever had the privilege (and surprise!) to look at life through another’s eyes - realizing how much more there is to it?
And have you ever been amazed beyond highest expectations, of the impact, somebody's "portraying of life", can have on your own?

I am blessed that such a "somebody", crossed my path ---- and what an experience it has been !!
Rick - you have opened so many mind-windows for me (and others) !
Through your amazing written work; your superb photography;
and your unique ways to inspire.

Thank you - and may you go from strength to strongest.
You are so very much admired and appreciated!!

Marcelle Nieuwoudt
Poet & Artist