rj heller
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Stay Well ...

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“Friendship floats like an ember, and warms the air with story…”

come in, come in and brush the worry from your shoulders.
sit, and let my home be your home, please dear
relax and take comfort by the fire, the day is nearly over.
sit, feel the warmth, and let it speak to you.

the years, many have passed since we last spoke
now they beckon to be heard, please sit by the fire, and tell
stories of a day, yesterday and tomorrow, of you.
the words pour forth, float as a warm ember, a gift.

the day draws to a close, time swift you take leave, though
I am lifted, as stories of another filled the empty spaces.
Come again, days like this, stories to be shared,
Come again and please, remember all, for the next time …

Stay Well my friend, Stay Well…

Copyright© RJ Heller : November 2010

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