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Stories told ...

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“Stories told…” (reflecting on “Land of Stillness” by CA)
by R.J. Heller

“what started so long ago continues, and brushes by all, everything, leaving traces of itself to be found again and again…”

echoes last forever, they are carried from the edges of time
as a single note … so very long ago, embraced by the wind
it flew … through a millennium of lives, to reach its resting place
a place where it lies, takes root, and speaks to all that pass

contained within, words, letters that move, a language of all
for all, listen with your eyes … loudly, the echo
tells of place, where we have been … and where we shall go
it tells of experience and of lessons learned, misplaced or forgotten


the very first wind took flight so long ago, and simply
carried the sound of others … the dreams, the words, the essence
of story to distant lands … to be found, by you, by me
the air is ablaze with memory, restless thoughts seeking shelter

such is the grain that was carried, lying deep, waiting to take hold
then grows and speaks, telling us … of that journey
a life of story … found in streams, hills and wooded place
look and listen to all, lines and verse, chapters, life revealed


a blade of windblown grass is found simply waiting
with a gentle breeze at its back, it bends, the words dripping
it yields to all that listen, it speaks to you, it speaks for all
a story once told by one to another … Then … Now … Forever.

Copyright© RJ Heller

Photo Courtesy Chris Armytage
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