rj heller
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Catching Waves --Wind (a beginning)

"Standing ankle deep in the water, as the waves come and go. I stand, a six year old. Mesmerized by this vast space, the movement of the waves, an amusement ride that does not stop. Being there, with ticket in hand, I watch and try to catch each and every wave, and lay down in the evening remembering the stories the waves told me …This is the beginning of their story." rjh


thoughts on a painting by Pauline Wherrell
Photo Courtesy of Pauline Wherrell

Seeking Tomorrow

thoughts on "Overberg" by Elizabeth Kendall
Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Kendall

short stories ...

“fields of green grass, trees, and life…segmented by time, with story”

Stay Well ...

A very short piece inspired by two words from a conversation with a good friend of mine, Elizabeth Kendall (South Africa). She ended our chat with “Lekker bly”, which means Stay Well. These two words struck a cord, and this piece was born.

Stories told ...

reflecting on "Land of Stillness" by CA
Photo Courtesy Chris Armytage


Inspired by “Serenity’s Flight by RR
Photo Courtesy Rodeo Rose


Reflections on a painting...
Painting by Elizabeth Kendall

a glance back...

Another day finished...
Photo Courtesy Nancy Coelho

Simple Joy

Tenderly placed, they caress and protect...
Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Kendall

Thoughts Collected

“Beauty revealed when tiny crystals form, so unique in size and shape, they collect in a magical presence … so too, the thoughts of each of us…”
Photo Courtesy Maureen Grobler