rj heller
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RJ Heller lives life forward while keeping the past close. By letting words find him to tell their story, he captures moments experienced by us all and presents them in a unique and tender way. This first book is influenced by the author's travels and love of nature, especially the sea. Rick and his family live their lives in Palmerton, Pennsylvania and Starboard Cove, Maine.

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Holding Grace embraces a contemporary, free verse style of poetry as the voice for sharing a range of life’s experiences and emotions, creating an approachable and highly readable collection. Within these pages are recognizable tales of friendship and loss, contentment and longing, reflections on current events and locales, and the pure pleasure that may be found when one stops to soak in the beauty and rhythm of nature. The storytelling here breathes life into the moments ...

An Excerpt from "Holding Grace"


I am haunted.
Ancient wood creaks; water surrounds,
cold and vacant; wind reminds memory,
her voice an echo—a faint whisper
like the clouds above, tremble, “This way, my love.”

Hands worn, time given, taken, course set.
Weary oars take turns, pull upon each other.
She is with me; feel love glide atop smiles,
igniting passion lost so very long ago.

Blankets of white and gray embrace.
Stone cracked from borrowed time calls
compass-wrapped directions, to me.
We move together as one; waves breathe.

Yearning weeps; it unfurls, incomplete.
The pace quickens; heartbeat stirs to life.
Tears form unforgiving torrent, clouds part,
heaven reveals glory, creased eyes see