rj heller
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“ a step taken by pure chance, is a step that will soon matter for all eternity ”. These words best identify the outlook Rick has on the moments today, and on those lingering and waiting to be found tomorrow. For him life is, and has been, all about moving forward while remembering the past.

Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, specifically Allentown, PA, where constant motion seemed to be the norm. The love of the outdoors and athletics proved to be the drive throughout the school years. “a little bit of us is lost, if we do not stay active …”

Graduating college and finding work, he married and began a family. Two children later and a successful climb up through the ranks of work, he had an idea and created a business for himself, and as it turned out, a business which employed many others. “To create something out of nothing is pure wonder …”

A quick experience within the culture of “Corporate America”, the creative call came again. In following it, he abandoned the “box of business”,  went back out on his own, and formed a consulting business assisting others with their dreams of success. “Life is a continuum of steps being taken, never knowing where ultimately they will lead…”

During these “past” steps, a creative drive was emerging. Guided by a passion for writing, photography, and what people are thinking (music and books), this drive is now expressed in his voice. A voice filled with words and photos. “we take pictures to remember, we write to live …”

Nature and the love of all things living is a theme that runs throughout his work. He currently resides in a small town in Pennsylvania with his family, but his true passion and voice reside in a small coastal town in Maine. “a sense of place, is where it all begins …”

With business as a foundation, family as the balance, and creativity the fuel, Rick has successfully assisted others in:
  • Freelance Writing Projects
  • Webpage Copy Writing
  • Creative Prose for Special Occasions
  • Poetry & Prose for Publication